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Available individually for one person, or as a unit consisting of one upper berth and one lower berth for 2 people.  This unit formerly was called a Section.  In daytime, there are two upholstered seats facing one another (by custom, the forward facing seat is occupied by the person in the lower berth, and the rear facing seat is occupied by the person in the upper berth).  These seats are wide enough for two adults to sit side-by-side comfortably.  At night, the seats are converted into full size beds.  (the lower berth bed is longer and wider than the beds in the enclosed single and double bedrooms).  Privacy in each berth is assured by heavy curtains.  A maximum of 6 travelers can be accommodated in the 3 upper and 3 lower berths per car.  Separate ladies and gents restroom facilities are adjacent, as is a shower for use by all passengers in the car.  Luggage storage is limited to one medium size article not exceeding 9" thick and 26" long which can fit under the seat.  Larger bags should be checked for handling in the baggage car.

SINGLE BEDROOM (Roomette) for 1 person

Private room, with toilet and wash basin.  On many trains, the Single Bedrooms alternate between two floor plans of rooms, as indicated on the drawing.  The amenities are the same between the two floor plans.  The "upper" room requires climbing two steps from the hallway to enter the room.  Daytime amenities: sofa seat.  Nighttime amenities: full size bed.  The bed in the "upper style room folds down from the wall; the bed in the "lower" style room rolls out from the wall.  In both cases, when the bed is down access to the toilet is blocked.  Both floor plans have space for one small bag not exceeding 9" thick and 26" long.  Larger bags should be checked for handling in the baggage car.  There is a shower for all passengers located nearby.  At the opposite end of the car is one ladies and one gents restroom.

On some trains, a third floor plan of single bedroom is also available.  The floor space and amenities are similar, but there is more space for luggage. Two small to medium bags may be carried in this type of room.  At night the bed folds down from the wall and blocks access to the toilet in the room.

DOUBLE BEDROOM for 2 people

Private room for 2 with en suite toilet and wash basin.  Daytime amenities: two sofa chairs.  Nighttime amenities: full size lower bed and full size upper berth which is accessed by climbing a ladder.  Beds are located crosswise to the direction of the train movement.  A shower for use by all passengers is located nearby.  Room "F" has the same amenities but also about 1/3 more floor space.  VIA Rail considers this room equivalent to other double bedrooms.







DRAWING ROOM for 2 or 3 people

Private room with en suite toilet and wash basin.  Daytime amenities: long sofa plus two upholstered chairs.  Two large windows.  Floor space is about 1.75 times the size of the Double Bedroom.  Nighttime amenities: two full size lower beds, plus one full size upper berth, accessed by a ladder.  A shower, for use by all passengers in the car, is located nearby.

Due to the limited number of Drawing Rooms on many trains, this type of accommodation may not be listed in the Mountain Outin' travel brochure, though it may be available.  Please contact Mountain Outin' for price and availability.



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